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December 9, 2011

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated December 9, 2011

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled MF Global Disaster dated December 9, 2011 (19 pages). Martin says MF Global is worse than Europe.


Do you know where your gold is?

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Click here for a very good post regarding the ongoing saga of MF Global. Now, physical gold bars are “missing”. And we gold bugs were so worried about the government confiscating our gold…..

The only way to hold gold and silver is physical only in several  private (such as Brink’s) vaults in your name directly in several different countries.

So in other words, is this the eureka moment when everyone realizes that any gold, be it paper or physical, is either a irrelevant electronic binary claim held in some semiconductor, or at best an asset in some vault, that the brokerage next door suddenly also has claims over?

The end result is that the biggest loser is Joe Sixpack who bought the gold, and decided to keep it in a bank warehouse for “safekeeping” only to realize said gold will never be seen or heard of again.

This just keeps getting better and better.

MF Global and shadow banking

Jesse over at Cafe Americain has a new post regarding the MF Global bankruptcy and comments on Janet Tavakoli’s latest release. Click here.

And as sacred as a former US Senator may be,  if one of the TBTF Banks is involved as the circumstances seem to indicate, this is the holy of holies in the Pax Americana.

I have heard speculation that this practice of misusing and leveraging customer funds is so widespread that an immediate cessation would cause a sharp contraction in the ‘shadow banking system.’

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is exactly what will happen. But do not look for government to shut it down, it will be a loss of confidence as investors flee the US trading houses and seek the rule of law. The loss of confidence will take a few more bankruptcies. But the stress on the shadow banking system is clear in the markets already.

Reggie takes on the Insurance Industry

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Reggie Middleton has just released a post regarding the insurance industry (via zerohedge).

Groovygirl has wondered how the insurance industry will hold up moving forward as it is a gambling industry disguised as a safety net. They have been feeling the pinch for a while now, as they never cover anything anymore. In most cases it is cheaper to hold a personal savings account for calamities instead of paying premiums on policies that don’t cover half the things you will need covered.

Insurance, as with all financial industries, are on their way out with this global debt collapse. Their business model can not survive the new structure.

Click here.

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