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January 1, 2012

Martin Armstrong’s 2012 Predictions

Actually, Mr. Armstrong just has a down, up, or neutral prediction for markets in the near future based on the year-end closing of each.

Click here for the full detail and other markets not listed below.

Here are the highlights:

Gold closing above $1434 is bullish. Closed at 1567.

Silver closing between $19.50 and $31.00 is neutral. Closed at 27.87

Crude oil closing above $96.63 is bullish. Closed at 99.05

S&P500 closing between$1060 and $1484 is neutral. Closed at 1257

DOW closing between $9660 and $12567 is neutral. Closed at 12,217

Martin will probably have trading ranges for 2012 and future trends later, but for subscription only.

Side musing: since everyone is putting in their 2-cents about 2012, groovygirl will do the same. 2012 will look like 2011, but more people will begin cluing in that we are totally screwed. But not enough, yet, to break total confidence in the status quo. The US elections will be a continued distraction from the real issue…too much global debt.

2013-2016 looks bad.

Groovygirl will continue as she did in 2011: to buy more physical gold and silver on dips in price as she prepares for the 2014-2016 waves. We have about 6 different business and investment cycles, as well as Martin’s own Panic Cycle, coming to a head between the years 2014 and 2016. This is what gg has been preparing for since 2004.

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