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January 28, 2012

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Latest from John Williams from

– Net of Involuntary Inventory Build-Up, GDP Growth Was 0.8% Instead of 2.8%
– Durable Goods Orders and New Home Sales Still Show Stagnation
– Fed’s New PCE Inflation Target Is Inconsistent with Plans for Ongoing Easing

Final revised GDP is 1.7%. Click here. Just a reminder than the US bank “stress tests” required at least 2%, which after final “revisions”, we haven’t seen.

Some good interviews over at KWN with Gerald Celente and Jim Rickards.

Neil Howe probably didn’t like Fight Club either

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Click here for a very interesting post by Burning Platform.

Burning talks about Neil Howe’s work on generational theory, mass propaganda and perception. It is a long post, but very interesting.

A snippet:

Neil Howe is an expert on interpreting how generations react to events. I expected him to be impressed by the courage and fortitude of the Millenials leading this protest against Wall Street gluttony and audacious criminality. This is the new GI Generation and I anticipated him perceiving these protests as a prelude to greater feats ahead by this generation. Instead he described them as naive adolescents being led down a phony path by anarchist Boomers. As an example he referenced the fact that many of the protestors were wearing Guy Fawkes masks, the most famous anarchist in history. He found this distasteful and dangerous. My interpretation of the Guy Fawkes masks was more in line with the movie V For Vendetta and the theme of a corrupt evil government keeping the public living in perpetual fear.

Neil Howe’s impression of the movie centered on the terroristic aspects of blowing up Parliament, not on the symbolism of citizens rising up and casting off the yoke of a malevolent oligarchy that has used propaganda, fear and intimidation to manipulate and control the population. Howe is a Baby Boomer and I’m Generation X. We are each viewing the Occupy Movement through the prism of our life experiences and perceptions about the intentions of these protestors. The existing social, economic, and political structure is dominated by Boomers. Neil Howe views the Occupy Movement as a threat to the system he believes in and supports. As a cynical Xer with no allegiance to a corrupt government, a crony capitalist economic system or a greedy self centered society, I see these young revolutionaries as our last great hope.

Lots of true stats and proof of the propaganda in Burning’s link. Excellent read!

Side musing: groovygirl found it odd that a sociologist and studier of history like Mr. Howe was so bias.

On another side note, gg finds it very interesting that Ron Paul is invisible again. Even after taking the majority of the independent vote and the under-30 vote in NH. This demographic represents the swing voter and will be the major influence in this election. Will split the vote or not vote at all if Paul is not on a ticket? I don’t think we have seen the real impact yet of Dr. Paul’s ideals, since the focus is on the Republican vote only at the moment.

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