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February 2, 2012

Alf Field’s update on silver

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Updated: Alf’s complete email with charts. Click here.

Click here for Alf Field’s update in silver. It is possible to have silver reach $158 in next 18 months.

Alf’s next target for gold is $4,500 and I think this silver target of $158 makes sense because that would put the gold/silver ratio just under 30.  I think we could see Alf’s targets of $4,500 gold and $158 silver this year or certainly in the next 18 months.  This is going to be a quick move.  In Elliott terms this is the 3 of 3, which is the strongest wave.


Update from Lemming on Martin’s Recent Computer Model

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Update from a commenter on Martin Armstrong’s recent metal computer models. This is based on closings thru 1-31-12 only. (H/T to Lemming):

Directional change February & March.
Reversal: Minor bullish 1637 elected. Major bullish 1755 was not elected (required for rally into February).
Retest of January lows (1570) coming?

Directional change February & March (same as gold).
Volatility: February
Reversal: Major bullish 38.5 was not elected.
Reversal: (I completely missed these this month)
Major bullish 30.225 elected 1/18 at 30.46
Major bullish 32.395 AND 33.12 elected 1/25 at 33.17
Major bullish 34.400 not elected (spanked after the 34.1 high today, but the 33.12 reversal held)


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Don’t let the Greek crisis distract you from the State-Muni fund issues. The US will not be upstaged even in debt!

Click here for a story about how CA will run out of money in one month. If they could only print like the Federal government …..

California will run out of cash by early March if the state does not take swift action to find $3.3 billion through payment delays and borrowing, according to a letter state Controller John Chiang sent to state lawmakers today. The announcement is surprising since lawmakers previously believed the state had enough cash to last through the fiscal year that ends in June.” ….uh, oops?

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