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February 21, 2012

From 4closurefraud

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The many county, state, and regional trials going on around the nation have revealed some very interesting information on foreclosures, their securities, and the entities that own them.

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Despite the fact that this mortgage “asset” no longer exists, the trust is still claiming this mortgage as an asset as of the Jan 2012 investor report, charging all sorts of fees, including monthly servicing fees, etc.

Groovygirl mentioned this very thing about a week ago when she commented on the Foreclosure deal. Banks and securities can not afford to take a write-down on mortgages, let alone foreclose. They are bankrupt. The only thing keeping them in business is the illegal accounting practices that the government is allowing. And that is why it will be 2032 before the US housing market has worked all this out.

Look for the same type of fraud in the commercial real estate market, which is much bigger than the residential market. This stuff will have to come to light sooner or later.

DOW at 13,000, but is it really?

When you understand how fiat currency works, you will understand that up is really down and down is really up.

Click here. Excellent charts.

When a fiat currency is collapsing, and I am referring to the USDollar here, the main investing goal is return of your investment to purchase the same amount of goods as it would before you invested it. The dollar has lost about 35% since 2001, and Ben is committed to push it down another 33%.

Martin Armstrong is correct that an investment in stocks that give you a 5-8% return is better than a bank or bond, and can be part of a portfolio. But make sure you are not blinded by any capital gains. Run the numbers. Individual stocks can always beat the market and be a gain for you. But clearly, the DOW as an index is not what it seems.

Groovygirl is not saying, don’t invest in dividend stocks, she is saying, understand the investment and real return to you. Until you understand the real return (and don’t forget taxes), you will not know if it is really a best investment for you. Another consideration, your age, or when you plan to need this investment. If you are 20, saving for retirement, perhaps in 30 years, the dollar will mean what is means now. I don’t know. If you need that capital back in 5 years, you may have an issue, if the dollar is going to collapse another 33%. And what if you need income now, you are retired, a 5% dividend may be your only option.

Always know when you are getting out of an investment before you get in.

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated February 19, 2012

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Gold Dow dated February 19, 2012 (1 page). Martin revisits his short-term prices and long-term dates for gold and the DOW in this short release. A must read.

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