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February 22, 2012

Groovygirl loves The Mogambo Guru

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Richard Daughty, better known as The Mogambo Guru, was recently interviewed by Chris Waltzek on goldseekradio (about 20 min). Since Mr. Daughty has “retired” his weekly posts 😦 , gg searches cyberspace high and low to find any audio interview to get her fix.

Found one!

Click here.

As always, Mr. Daughty brilliantly articulates our anger for us, while educating us on fiat currency and gold, silver, and oil.

Totallygroovygirl loves the Mogambo Guru 🙂

Jim Rogers

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Jim Rogers continues to put his two cents in… gold for the long-term. Click here.

Jim defines long-term as the end of the decade or 2020. Martin Armstrong puts the troubling years between 2015-2017, perhaps longer. Similar time-line.

Bob gives up

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Click here for Bob Janjuah’s latest…Markets are so rigged….good info.

I will continue to use the Dow/Gold charts to continue to guide me going forward. The USD price of an ounce of gold and the Dow will, I believe, converge at/around 1, at some point over the next 2 years or so. I have extremely high conviction on this. What I am not sure on is whether we converge at 7000+/-, or at 14000+/-. Because I do believe that even Bernanke and Draghi cannot do as they wish and that there are some limits to the recklessness of policymakers, I still lean towards a deflationary resolution at/about 7000 in the next year or two. Pretty vague, I know, buts it’s the best I can do right now, and what is clear is that, in the world I fear ahead, gold is a winner either way – remember, gold is a great (monetary) inflation hedge, and in a deflationary credit collapse gold works as a store of value/wealth as it carries zero credit risk.

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