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March 2, 2012

Important Interview at KWN

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Click here for a very important blog post and interview on KingWorldNews with Andrew Maguire about the slam in gold this week and the global gold market and China.


Alf Fields on Gold’s Movement This Week

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Click here for a post (via Jim Sinclair’s site) from Alf Fields on gold’s movement this week, including charts, and an explanation of the Elliott Wave Theory as it relates to this week’s move.

MF Global Update

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Click here for an interview with James Koutoulas on RT.

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated March 1, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Flash Crash dated March 1, 2012 (9 pages). Starting on page 4: comments on gold and silver in February and weekly models on both.

A breath of fresh air

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After a horrible week of lying, manipulating, and kicking the can down the road for one more quarter from Gold to Greek debt; this little bit of news was a welcome change.

Instead of moving paper around, Seattle is actually planning something that produces real things, brings local community together, sustains land and food production, and will last 50 plus years even if it is abandoned after 5 years.

Wow, now that is a productive use of capital and labor.

Click here.

The entire project will be built around the concept of permaculture — an ecological design system, philosophy, and set of ethics and principles used to create perennial, self-sustaining landscapes and settlements that build ecological knowledge and skills in communities. The concept of a food forest is a core concept of permaculture design derived from wild food ecosystems, where land often becomes forest if left to its own devices. In a food forest, everything from the tree canopy to the roots is edible or useful in some way.

It is nice to know that someone out there is doing something productive. All is not lost.

Side musing: as you may know, gg is into permiculture. The food forest concept can be implemented anywhere, even in small backyards and open areas in apartment complexes.

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