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March 19, 2012

Let’s not forget about Occupy

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Click here.

Although the press is mainly ignoring the new spring movement in the occupy camp, they are still protesting. Parks are off-limits and no camping, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone.

It really doesn’t matter about main stream media or access by reporters, Occupy has twitter.

GG is really not for or against Occupy (but she is definitely for their right to demonstrate as guaranteed by the US constitution). GG brings up Occupy, because it is one of many clues about how Americans really feel. We have two societies in America. One underground, covered by the alternative media, internet, and twitter/social media. This one ranges in ideologically from left to right. But they have one thing in common, they do not like the way things are going. They feel taken advantage of, they want to be heard  and they want change.

And we have the official one, supported by gimmicked government stats and MSM. I wonder which one will vote this fall? Or will they vote at all?

The US is foolish if they think we can not have an Arab spring just because we are not Muslim. Or that Muslim nations are having an Arab Spring because they are Muslim. This is a global cultural cycle.

GEAB N 63 is up!

GEAB N63, newest available: click here. Extended summary is free, detail is subscription.

The five storms of summer. GG couldn’t agree more. Martin’s next turning point is June 6th.

Therefore, in LEAP/E2020’s view, five devastating storms will mark the summer of 2012 and thus accelerate the process of world geopolitical swing:

. US relapse into recession against the background of European stagnation and BRICS slowdown
. dead end for the central banks and interest rate increases
. storm on the foreign exchange and Western sovereign debt markets
. Iran, the war « too far »
. new crash in the markets and financial institutions.

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated March 18, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Anatomy of a Debt Crisis dated March 18, 2012 (46 pages). GG has not read it all yet.

And this one: click here. SEC supports Goldman (2 pages). There is an increasing widening margin between the morals of the people and business and government. Non-US counties have already began the mass Exodus of their money. When will US organizations, pension funds, and investors take their ball and go home? Bullies do not make fun playmates.

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