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April 2, 2012


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Jesse’s gold and silver charts have triangles forming. Click here.

Latest from John Williams with

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Click here for a blog post from KWN about John Williams’ latest newsletter. For all the detail, you will need to subscribe, well worth the money. Without the real stats, an investor can not make a valid decision.

Here is the summary:

– GNP Growth at 1.8% versus 3.0% GDP
– Real Durable Goods Orders 10% Below Levels Seen in 2000
– Shenanigans in Industrial Production Benchmark Masked Small Downside Revisions to Recent Activity
Recession Deeper than Previously Estimated

Martenson interviews Biderman

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Click here for another excellent interview from Chris Martenson’s blog. This time it is with Charles Biderman of TrimTabs. It is full of excellent info, but it is around 50 min. interviews Martin Armstrong

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H/T to MikePhila for alerting gg to this interview over at SafeHaven with Martin Armstrong dated March 29, 2012. Click here. Martin talks about the sovereign debt crisis.

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