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April 3, 2012

A couple of links late in the day had a good video/post on the SC State Treasurer’s report that there is silver market manipulation. I think that counts as a government official acknowledging naked short selling by JPM in the silver market. Click here.

Good interview of Reggie Middleton on Max Keiser’s show. They talk about a few issues, including the Muni Bond issue that groovygirl has posted about lately….Click here.

MF Global-Silent DOJ

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The US Dept of Justice is not returning John Koutoulas phone calls regarding MF Global. They must be so busy with the criminal investigation of the biggest financial crime of the decade (that no one is talking about).

Yeah, right.

Click here for Warren Pollock’s video commentary (18 min).

The Department of Justice has not returned James Koutoulas CEO of (Commodity Customer Coalition) Phone calls even though he has 8000 MF Global clients and is privy to important information under attorney client privilege. James Koutoulas said on Bloomberg “The Department of Justice has not Returned his Calls.” Its clear that James has important information that people want to put under the rug which might include the possibility that JPM has much of the customers money or that Jon Corzine is in fact guilty.

And here, DOJ has been presented with evidence of fraud, but still silent.

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