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April 6, 2012

Mr Pollock: Through the Breakdown Crisis

Click here for Warren Pollock’s latest paper entitled Through The Breakdown Crisis (12 pages) regarding the global breakdown crisis we are currently facing. Groovygirl calls this crisis a paradigm shift.

There is an opportunity for good change or bad change. The shift is coming, we determine how bad it will be, how quickly we can recover and move to new sustainable growth.

The New Depression

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Groovygirl just listened to an excellent interview over at with Richard Duncan, author of The New Depression. GG has not read the book.

Click here.

Mr. Duncan talks about the breakdown of paper money. He brings up several good points. I highly recommend listening to the audio or reading the transcript.

He brings up a very good point about government spending programs. The government is now responsible for over 40% of GDP through direct spending or benefit programs or indirect spending. They can not shrink government without throwing us into a Depression. He states they can continue this spending for another 5 years or so before it is clear we are Greece. This makes me think that no matter what politicians may say about smaller government, it will never happen until we are forced into it by no-bid US debt auctions.

At the end, he basically says we must restructure the global financial system in the next 3-5 years or face a terrible, uncontrolled breakdown.

groovygirl is not confident that the globe can work together like that. I am also not confident that the US has the influence like they had in 1945 and 1971, when basically the world had to go along with monetary tweaking.

Also noted that 3-5 years falls in line with Martin Armstrong’s dates of 2015 and 2017.

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