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April 7, 2012

MF Global Updates

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Lots of news this past week on the MF Global crime scene. Here are some links.

Click here for more evidence of everyone sleeping with everyone else’s sister that is the US banking and regulatory system.

Jon C: I know nothing. It was an accounting error. Click here. (Includes link to an excellent post from

JPM to pay wrist-slap fine on Lehman bankruptcy. Click here. I am sure the same will happen with MF Global. Anyone else find it strange that two of the largest bankruptcies in the last few years are “connected” to JP Morgan? Serial killer.

From Jesse’s site: click here.

But we are in a new era now, when TBTF banks and TCTP (Too Connected To Prosecute) financiers flout the law and use their influence to twist the existing laws and the compliant legal system to suit their purposes.

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