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April 10, 2012

Tulip Season 2012

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LOVED Banzai’s latest photoshop commentary via Max Keiser’s website. Click here.

Warren Pollock interview

Warren Pollock continues to answer questions. Click here.  Good questions and good answers about 29 min. Gives a good idea about what regular people around the US are really thinking and the questions they are asking.

At 11:47, Warren makes a very good point. Oil is a currency! Could it be that the infrastructure for natural gas transportation will never be built in the US because the petro-dollar is so important to keep the US as a main global power? If we have abundant energy in the country, the people will never be the beneficiary of it.

Very interesting. The lady asking the questions (sorry, gg didn’t catch her name) said she traveled through the South recently asking people if they knew about MF Global. No one knew. Investors will never see the next MF Global crime coming. MSM has done an excellent job of hiding the truth. Also, can’t get college transcripts to get a job if you are behind on your student loans.

At 19:30, Warren talks about the inefficiency of the system: great, great stuff. Modern examples of what Bucky Fuller said so many years ago.

If you have not read Critical Path by Buckminster Fuller: read it! If you can’t make it through the whole thing, read the last third of the book. Very important. And don’t read someone’s summary of the book, actually read Bucky’s own words. In some cases, reading the summary is adequate, this is not one of those books.

Side musing: Japan is building a large wall around the evacuation zone. Click here. Is that to keep in radiation? ­čÖé Or, to keep out independent journalists with Geiger counters and cameras?

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