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April 20, 2012

You must chose….

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Groovygirl mentioned this coming phenomenon. Americans under 40 will have to choose to go to college or buy a house. The debt load of both is no longer possible to maintain. So, gg proposes this is one of the reasons that housing will not recover until Martin Armstrong’s 2032 date. If young Americans can not buy the Boomer’s houses, Boomers lose money/can not retire and the housing market continues to collapse.

Click here.


Silver-gold offical tender in Utah

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Click here. You probably already know about this, so just posting for those that missed it.

Jim Rickards on

Jim Rickards has another really good interview on the news-hour. You can listen to audio or read the transcript. He gives a good case that this Depression will last a long while, if the government continues its current polices. Click here.

Mr. Martenson’s Trouble with Money

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Chris Martsenson has  a new article out about The Trouble with Money. Click here. It is a very good article.

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