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April 21, 2012

There is a reason….

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….that you can’t get ahead like your parents did.

Click here for John Williams’ charts published on kingworldnews. Scroll down to that third chart entitled Real Average Weekly Earnings. Ugly! That chart explains why your parents could actual save money and yours goes to bills. Explains why you must take out debt to just keep up with where your parents were at this time in their life, but making yourself a debt slave in the process.

Real earnings are almost 50% below 1973 levels.

So looking at this chart:

  • Can the US continue to have 70% of GDP come from consumer purchases?
  • Can the US government stop or pull back on payments to 40% of the US populations through various programs without major consequences, like ugly mobs in the streets?
  • Is there any way that Americans can keep their current lifestyle and save for retirement? Or keep their current lifestyle during retirement?
  • Can the middle class survive?
  • Even if the US regains jobs from overseas or reeducates an entire population for tech jobs, is that really going to completely solve this problem?
  • If oil or health care continues to go up, how can the US population earn enough to just live?

We are now to the point that it is a matter of earning enough just to live, not save for retirement or buy things on credit or spend money on consumer items. People are choosing between gas and food.

If you want to stay ahead of this invisible and sinister “tax”, called inflation, in the foreseeable future, earn your income by investments, not wages. They are taxed less and usually keep up with inflation better than earned wages. Pay off debt and live below your means.

Government policies, debasement of the currency, and “modification” of the inflation formula over the last 40 years has set the American people up to fail.


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