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April 23, 2012

Russia halts trading

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Just some news flashes this Monday morning (most from zerohedge):

  • Russia halts trading on their stock market.
  • US stocks down across the board.
  • Gold and silver down, but holding at $30.60 and $1631, which is positive.
  • Walmart opens 25% down on Mexican bribery prob, presumably.
  • European credit markets are under stress today, gg wonders if that is what is causing issues on the Russian markets?
  • Egypt halts natural gas to Israel. The Middle East is a power keg waiting for a match with the Arab Spring changes.
  • Currency Wars are morphing into Trade Wars, right now it is Argentina vs. EU.
  • Dutch Cabinet resigns amidst austerity issues.

It seems we are right on track for a rough 2014-2016. As gg mentioned before, besides Martin Armstrong’s 2015 date, several other business cycles (long and short) are all reaching a low during these 3 years.

Update: 4-25-12, groovygirl still doesn’t know what triggered this. Anyone heard anything?

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated April 22, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Who Is Really Behind the Curtain? dated April 22, 2012 (2 pages).

The Inverted Pyramid

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Groovygirl likes to remind readers every so often about the Exter Inverted Pyramid. Click here. This pyramid will come crashing down.

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