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April 25, 2012

Still coiling?

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Click here for Jesse’s charts. Still barely in coiling pattern. Good link to post from Janet Tavakoli, she discusses derivatives. Fun times!

MF Global

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And speaking of “The Family” or the criminal too big to fail banking cartel.

Links to more information about the MF Global crime scene, still only available on the internet, not in main stream media and financial talking heads.

Click here for post from Alternet.

Click here for post about how they did know where the money was (and is).

Click here for interview between Warren Pollock and Mark Melin. Very important interview. (H/T to sw and lynn)

Pump and Dump

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Click here for Jesse’s blog post about S&P and of course, the long-awaited return of JC to save the economy, otherwise known as Apple.

Make sure you watch the video clip. It explains how insiders in the 1920’s would pump up a stock (by buying the MSM), get the smaller investor in, and then sell. They still do that today and Apple is a prime example. Facebook will be our next example. Yes, 100 years later, there are still insiders and suckers, only now they are called muppets.

Side musing: did your hear about Egan? Click here. SEC goes after any rating agency trying to remotely look at the real numbers and actually speak truth and educate investors. This is a clear signal to independent rating agencies, fall in line or be out of business. You will have to do your own due diligence. SEC is now the officially a hit-man for the Family, otherwise known as TBTF. Be careful out there.

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