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April 26, 2012

Uncle Sam wants you

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Remember the good old days when Uncle Sam was a wise, fair, but strong old gentleman? A father figure we could all look up to….for protection and justice? Like Clint Eastwood in a white beard and red, white, and blue suit?

We now live in a dysfunctional family.

Click here for sovereign man’s latest blog post on zerohedge.

Didn’t know about this latest tactic of old Uncle Sam:

Then there’s the latest, greatest tax target: accidental US citizens. This group consists of foreigners who happen to be dual nationals because they were born in the US or have an American parent.

These foreigners have spent their entire lives outside the US.  They know absolutely nothing about US tax code. Now they’re getting Dear John letters from the US government saying-

“I see you are a US citizen but have never filed your taxes. Please enclose a check for the following absurd amount of money, which includes interest and penalties for the last 20-years…”

And this from the same article:

I was approached recently by a member of our Sovereign Man community who filed the paperwork to relinquish US citizenship some time ago. Long story short, after an incomprehensibly long wait, the US government finally sent him a reply: Application DENIED.

Absolutely shocking. That you even have to ‘apply’ to relinquish what you never signed up for is intellectually insulting. That you cannot do so freely, and immediately, is nothing short of totalitarian.

It’s still an embryonic movement, though more and more US citizens are being driven to divorce their country. Last year nearly 1,600 people gave up US citizenship, up from 1,485 in 2010, 731 in 2009, and 226 in 2008.

Hotel California…..

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated April 26, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Rule of Law dated April 26, 2012 (5 pages).

Big Brother

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In case you didn’t know, a major “cyperthreat” bill is to be voted on today. Click here. They are already sharing your information, now you won’t know and can’t sue.

The bill exempts private companies that share cyberthreat information in “good faith” from lawsuits from customers.

Critics, including the Center for Democracy and Technology and the American Civil Liberties Union, said the bill supersedes all U.S. privacy laws and puts few restrictions on how government agencies can use the shared information.

Did you hear about this on main stream media? Didn’t think so.

Jim Sinclair on KWN

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Click here for Jim Sinclair’s latest interview on kingworldnews. Jim discusses gold, of course, and has some great comments on the financial war with China and gold’s place in that war.

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