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May 31, 2012

MF Global

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You guys may have seen this. Another update on the MF Global crime scene drama. Click here.

And the drama at JPM gets more curious. Right….. Click here. Don’t think for moment that every other big bank isn’t doing the exact same thing as JPM.

GG also questions if every clearing house isn’t doing what MF Global did on some scale at some point.

The financial reports of these institutions are a complete joke.

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated May 30, 2012

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Electronic Money: The Real Conspiracy dated May 30, 2012 (5 pages).

Martin explains his concept of a virtual world currency. As gg suspected, the world currency would be for global trade only, and the national currency would still be around. Take special note of the 2nd full paragraph on page 4.

Groovygirl’s comments: hyperinflation and cost-push inflation will look exactly the same to American Main Street, especially when 65% are unemployed or on a fixed income.

Regarding Martin’s real estate prediction that housing will get “better” between 2012-2015 (then fall off a cliff into 2032). Today, we heard that the number of houses sold has improved in 2012, but 25% of those houses sold were short sales. So, does housing “get better” in the next three years because the average price goes up or because more houses are sold, but at a lower value? gg thinks the latter. Which one could mean the difference between solvency and bankruptcy to the seller.

Chris Martenson interview

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Chris Martenson interviews Jorgen Randers. Click here.

May 30, 2012

Reggie on Europe’s Banks

Groovygirl thinks Reggie Middleton’s recent public post on European banks is worth a read, and re-read.

Click here.

Keep in mind that Reggie is right most of the time, but usually early. It is very possible to keep the European banking system together until after the US elections. It is also possible to keep confidence until mid 2013. It is also possible for it to all unravel tomorrow. This is a confidence game and nothing else.

GG is also interested in what the new rules from the ISDA will be regarding “credit events”. That could prop-up or erode trust between banks and countries very quickly.

Truth not allowed in ears of US representatives

Bill Black is “dis-invited” to testify before Congress about the Derivative Situation.

Click here.

One of the few men in this country that has the experience and knowledge to educate Congress on the derivative or instrument of mass financial destruction and the major consequences of national banking crises, and they do not want him to speak. But Corzine and Dimon are called to spew b*ll-sh*t in the hallow halls of this Republic every time their actions cause a crisis?

And there you go, further evidence that those in power do not want to hear the truth, let alone fix the problem. Do not expect a solution from government.

You are on your own. Make sure you are protecting your financial investments from the stupidity of our elected officials and their lackeys.

It is not that important that a great leader be exceedingly wise in every subject and detail, but that he/she know enough to be able to discern truth from fiction and expert from novice and honesty from lies. With true discernment, a leader will gather the best and brightest of the age around him/her (and, of course, listen to their advice) and thus retain leadership through trust, not force or propaganda.


Side musing: As I have stated before, it is groovygirl’s (completely unprofessional) opinion that the shadow banking system, and its “currency”, the derivative, is being used as the plug for the global debt implosion. It is gg’s opinion as well, that the “hyperinflation in a currency” that we are looking for is occurring in the shadow banking system and will implode there (effecting the real markets outward). (MF Global is just a small taste). Derivatives will not be curbed or dismantled. They will continue just as the are, because they are the current “currency” weapon against the global debt implosion: an exponential function or “hockey stick”.

Derivatives make the non-interest loans from the Fed and currency swaps multiplied upon themselves. And that is the massive amounts of credit needed to defuse the next global debt crisis. Straight money printing is not enough anymore. But at some point, even derivatives will not work anymore. That is the nature of the exponential function in real terms. It must collapse upon itself at some point.

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated May 29, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Are Commodities Preparing for a Major Rally? dated May 29, 2012 (8 pages).

Richard Russell

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Richard Russell, via KWN, calling a bear market in stocks. Click here.

May 29, 2012

Harry Schultz

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Jim Sinclair printed an update from Harry, who is in retirement. Click here. Very interesting information, worth a read. Groovygirl thinks investors are just hanging out until the US election.

May 27, 2012

Flood of Global Currency: Three Feet High and Rising

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May 25, 2012

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated May 22, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Coming to Take Your Money Away, dated May 22, 2012 (1 page).

Update: see comment section for anon’s link and additional info.

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