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June 3, 2012

Hard to pick just one scene from this movie…

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Warning: language, violence, etc.

If you haven’t seen Apocalypse Now, get it. But get the Redux version, as it includes important deleted scenes that affect the storyline. (As with Blade Runner, the studio “cutter” destroyed this movie the first time around.)

Groovygirl loves Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. This is one of the best modern tellings of the story. Do the ends justify the means? How do you stop the enemy without altering your morality and becoming the enemy? Can you murder a murderer without becoming a murderer? (Willard and Kurtz) Can a man step in, and then out of, a heart of darkness?

And then expanding that theme to individuals in a warfare situation, which this movie addresses as well, how do you engage in battle where one definition of murder prevails and return to a society where another definition is accepted as the norm? Will that dichotomy affect the victory in battle or the cohesion of the society negatively or positively? If you win the war, do you sacrifice the society?



  1. Narrator: “We’d cut ’em in half with a machine gun and give ’em a band-aid. It was a lie. And the more I saw of ’em, the more I hated lies…” <– Nothing is learned or changed, apparently. Some battles may once have served noble purposes a long time ago, and conflict evidently appeals to the baser instincts of many, judging by its thematic dominance in popular culture, but there is little virtue nowadays in mind-wiping and throwing away disposable young people in proxy wars to serve the agendas of manipulative, destructive control freaks. Let's not even get started about the currency war, Agenda 21 and other strategies being used more openly against the public to turn us against ourselves in this new millennium.

    Comment by Lore — June 3, 2012 @ 3:21 pm

  2. Getting back to your question about the justifiability of war: “The fact is that every war suffers a kind of progressive degradation with every month that it continues, because such things as individual liberty and a truthful press are simply not compatible with military efficiency.” – George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia ch. 12 (1938)

    War is an instrument of control. Normal human beings of conscience do not normally turn on each other except under extreme pressure. Create the pressure, and you justify the control. So to the extent that the naive hero in Apocalypse Now was responding to an unnatural stimulus, the end can be said to justify the means. But war in the modern sense is no more justifiable morally than Agenda 21: both are cunning instruments of oligarchy.

    Comment by Lore — June 3, 2012 @ 3:34 pm

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