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June 13, 2012

John Williams with

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John Williams has just released a 32-page special report. You pay for the detail. Well worth the money.

Here is the summary:

– Economic and Systemic Crises of 2007/2008 Continue
– Don’t Blame the Economy on Europe
– Global Markets to Turn Against U.S. Dollar
– Hyperinflation Outlook Updated
– Gold Remains the Ultimate Hedge

John is still calling for the start of a hyperinflation in the US by the end of 2014. However, he states that several factors could provide the opportunity to see the beginning of that process prior to 2014.

John may have more free info from this report on KWN later this week.

Side musings: John’s inflation-adjusted charts are the key. They are extremely enlightening. When you factor in the real inflation rate or loss of purchasing power of the USDollar; every chart, and gg means every chart, shows a decline since 2000, a fall off the cliff in 2007, and basically flat since then. No, it’s not your imagination, there is no recovery. And since this trend has really been going on since 2000, not 2007; a political party is not going to fix it. You must protect your own financial investments.

Paper gold is paper money

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All muses of the moment readers should know by now that paper gold is not physical gold, but just as a reminder to any newcomers.

Do you know where your gold is?

Click here.

It is estimated (actually admitted at one point) that physical gold is leased out to multiple parties at 100:1. This is on the low side. Just as investors lose confidence in fiat currencies, so they will lose confidence in paper gold.

You can hold part in paper gold, but understand the limits of the investment.

Just like your brokerage account, if it is not in your physical possession, it is not necessarily yours 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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