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July 3, 2012

Message from Jim Sinclair

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Selling US Debt

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gg found this explanation of the low prices in the US bond market in the face of no demand. Click here. Good article. Martin Armstrong says that there is a bubble in US bonds. But he doesn’t necessarily say that Ben is creating money to blow that bubble, like the linked post above.

More banking scandals…LIBOR

The Western banks will be taken down, not by regulators or government, but by class action lawsuits for the next 30 years.

The LIBOR Rate scandal is one of the biggest, effecting basically the financial system world-wide. Practically every public and private contract is based off the LIBOR rate. Businesses, banks, and investors were cheated out of a huge amount of money. HUGE.

This makes MF Global look like Corzine swiped a tip from a sidewalk cafe table when no one was looking.

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This should be interesting to watch over the coming years.

And just got more interesting, 20 more banks around the globe in on the LIBOR scam. Click here. And Barclays claim that officials in the British government endorsed this crime. And that makes the whole thing better….how?

gg predicts China will create an integrated interest rate system for the entire Eastern portion of the globe (to go with their reserve fund, global trading currency, SWIFT, and gold exchange) in three, two, one…..

China doesn’t have to do anything. Just create alternative global financial systems, and eventually, every global investor will beat a path to their door. Not because it is so much better, but because it is predictable and the only other games in town (New York and London) are so blatantly stupid and greedy. It is not rocket-science, the sun is setting on the West.

Click here for Jesse’s comments on the recent brief discussion of rigged markets on CNBC…..Whalen’s conclusion: everybody knows markets are rigged. They do? And we wonder why money is literally fleeing the West? Congratulations, the financial TV talking heads have moved with lighting speed from denial to acceptance. Unbelievable. Who even listens to these people anymore?

More capital controls will keep money from flying to Asia. Better move it now.

Side musing: gg also predicts that those with smaller amounts of money will invest locally (slow money style), where they can keep a direct eye on their money. groovygirl has not taken this leap yet, but is studying it carefully. It is one of the possibilities of investment for long-term or short-term investments after selling gold/silver.

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