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July 5, 2012

Another release from Martin Armstrong dated July 4, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Obamacare-The Investment Tax dated July 4, 2012. Good read!


Another release from Martin Armstrong dated July 4, 2012

Click here for Martin’s latest release entitled Hyperinflation: Why It Can’t Happen in the Core Economy dated July 4, 2012. Good read.

His explanation of sovereign debt collapse still (in gg’s opinion) doesn’t exclude Jim Sinclair’s currency-induced cost push inflation suggestion. He also states that gold is valuable in a sovereign debt collapse.

groovygirl comments:

Another issue that doesn’t get much play: the consumers income to expenses ratio. All prices are high, if your income can not cover them. This is what happened during the Great Depression, which was deflationary in prices. No one could afford to buy any thing, no matter how low the price, because they didn’t have any income.

Today we have the same issue in housing. It doesn’t matter how low mortgage rates are, if you can not get a mortgage. Without mortgages, only cash will work in the housing market. In a market driven by debt for the past 60 years, a further collapse in housing is the logical next step. As Martin states, housing will continue to decline between 2015-2032.

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated July 4, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s release entitled Banking Manipulations: A Systemic Problem dated July 4, 2012. The real implications of the Barclay LIBOR manipulation and what it means for the entire banking industry.

A Big Thank you!

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Totallygroovygirl just wanted to pause a moment and thank everyone for reading and all the great comments over the last four years.

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