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July 7, 2012

Update from John Williams with

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Here is a summary of Mr. Williams’ most recent update.

– Seasonal-Factor Issues Inflated June Jobs and  Made “Unchanged” Unemployment Meaningless
– June Unemployment: 8.2% (U.3), 14.9% (U.6), 22.8% (Shadow Stats)
– Shadow Stats Unemployment Nearing Cycle High
– Year-to-Year M3 Money Supply Growth Notched Higher in June


Important video

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Although groovygirl blogs about economic and finances and hopefully gives readers tools and a starting place to prepare for the economic paradigm shift, this video talks about something more important.

The best laid plans can fail, especially during a major shift like this. To be truly prepared, one must be de-stressed, and healthy in one’s life in a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional sense. (That can look like many things, not necessarily the exact suggestions in this video.) If you are not focused and as strong as possible in mind, body, and spirit, the best laid plans will fail. Groovygirl can not emphasis this enough.

Stressed, tired and sick people make rushed and illogical decisions to elevate immediate pain and discomfort. Their thinking turns black and white (usually getting them in a worse place than if they did nothing), when a better option maybe somewhere in the grey areas or completely outside the box.

If you can do nothing else, but prepare your body and mind, then take that step first.

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