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July 10, 2012

Broker fall out-IMPORTANT

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Ladies and gentlemen, MF Global was a warning that during this systemic breakdown of world finances, your futures broker account is at risk.

Here is some very valuable info via zerohedge, ranking some brokers.

Click here.

This is VERY IMPORTANT. If any of your investments or investment’s investments are clearing through the riskiest of these, or even not the riskiest, your money is in danger.

When brokers fail, since investment houses, derivatives, and regular banks are all interconnected now…when brokers fail, it is part of the systemic banking crisis and continuing collapse. It is not a separate issue anymore.

PFGBest-We have another MFGlobal

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Still a developing story. Click here.

But two items that remind us of MF Global (except the part that the CEO tried to off himself):

  • Money has vaporized (current count is around $220 million).
  • JPM is close at hand (as custodian).

Ann Barnhardt weighs in, click here. Excellent read, she tells it like it is, so refreshing.

Some of the MF Global rape victims were actually bulk transferred to this firm back in November. The owner (who attempted suicide this morning) pitched a fit back in November and got about 700 of the MFG accounts bulk transferred over to PFGBest.

So, yes, there are now people, many of whom are agricultural hedgers, who have now been raped by having their equity stolen TWICE in nine months.

Click here…more notes from zerohedge. Zerohedge seems to be on top of this story, keep checking there for the latest.

History is made…..

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CNBC actually lets a guest utter “gold” and “manipulation” in the same sentence.

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