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July 11, 2012

More PFGBest updates

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From Ann Barnhardt. Click here.

From Jesse. Click here.

Groovygirl is posting this PFG information so you may understand how they con you. The process. You can not count on regulators or independent auditors or anyone to protect your interests. If you are going to trade in these shark-infested waters, you must do your own research.

Groovygirl doesn’t trade, she has opted to lay on the beach, while the sharks are about.

Trade at your own risk.

Update on PFGBest

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Once again, news channels outside the US do the best coverage. This is a very important video (28 min) which explains the latest on PFGBest and the difference between the PFG and MFG.

Click here.

Very good info from an actual customer of PFGBest.

Regulators fail….again. Money is frozen and it is with, wait for it, JP Morgan.

Side musing: groovygirl doesn’t believe for a minute that the CEO did all this himself as US news will spin it. GG thinks as the video suggests, he paid some people off and then surrounded himself with morons.

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