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July 12, 2012

Santelli on PFGBest

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Click here.

“it could be, on a percentage basis, worse than MF Global.”

And Ann Barnhardt has some sound advice today, GET OUT! Click here.

Side musing: if you must trade, use 2-3 different brokers, clearing thorough 2-3 different clearing houses. If (when) one goes down and you can’t close a position, you can hedge it in another broker account. Do not leave anymore than what you need to trade in any broker account. A broker is not FDIC insuranced.

Groovygirl also recommends the 2-3 rule with anything: all financial accounts, banking, countries, money markets, brokers, business accounts, vaults, etc. The banking system is collapsing, it is not if, it is, when. As Ann points out, one of the three can be in your hand.

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong dated July 9, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Why Property Taxes Will Soar, Why the risk of Civil Unrest is Rising Exponentially, and Why We Will See The Rise of A Third Party dated July 9, 2012.

Martin covers a lot of info.

Click here for 3¬† new July 11, 2012 blog posts about Scranton’s move to min wage, Barclay’s, and Hyperinflation.

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