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July 19, 2012

The Middle East

Filed under: Peak Energy — totallygroovygirlfriday @ 1:49 am

groovygirl thought this was a good short summary of the current Middle Eastern Situation. Click here. Something you will not see on MSM.

And this.

Groovygirl was wondering why the drug-terrorist laundering money crime is just now being addressed. Anyone who is on the internet and researched global banking and tax havens knows that HSBC is the laundering bank for global criminals for the past 10-15 years. It is commonly talked about on forums.

So, why now? It certainly isn’t a sudden reclaiming of the rule of law. Distraction from LIBOR? Or maybe, put pressure on Saudis because of the tensions mentioned above? US certainly can’t threaten to kick the Saudis out of SWIFT.


  1. The Bulgarian bus explosion could be another false flag event by either Israel or the U.S. to justify a war with Iran. Think 9-11, Oklahoma City, London bombing, USS Liberty, etc…

    Comment by sw — July 19, 2012 @ 2:51 am

  2. Interesting quote … “He (Turkish President) sees himself as a guardian of the Sunni. What we are witnessing is the re-emergence of the Ottoman Empire. What is happening is that Syria is in a civil war, but behind this is a religious war. Sunni versus Shia. The fighting today is in the streets of Syria, but in the end, this is a war between the Saudis and the Iranians.”

    Most people don’t realize that the Shia and Sunni’s HATE!!!!!!!!! each other. The ONLY things that they agree on is their greater hatred of Israel.

    Interesting times that we live in. I could see WWIII starting because of this…

    Comment by MikePhila — July 19, 2012 @ 11:27 am

  3. Several interesting posts on false flags –

    On WashingtonsBlog “USS Enterprise false flag target for US War Criminals to attack Iran?” The Enterprise is already in position –

    “When False Flags Don’t Fly”, a James Corbett report –

    Comment by sw — July 19, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

  4. Good links.


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — July 19, 2012 @ 2:55 pm

  5. Is it me or does it seem that the traditional news outlets are getting on the “false flag/black swan” bandwagon as well? Could it be that people are waking up to what might be going on? I’m not sure.

    Comment by MikePhila — July 19, 2012 @ 4:02 pm

  6. I’m not sure either. Really hard to tell.


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — July 19, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

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