muses of the moment

July 21, 2012

Misc. News links

groovygirl found these misc. links interesting. For your review this weekend.

  • Allocated bullion storage. Click here.
  • Simple graphics about the Fed. This is a good link to forward to friends/relatives about what the Fed is all about. Click here.
  • Taibbi on Democracy Now TV show talking about LIBOR. Click here.
  • Jon Stewart sums up the Banks and LIBOR. Click here and then here. Very funny! gg was crying at Hoare….
  • Ann Barnhardt has a few interesting posts this week. Scroll down to view everything. Click here.
  • Looking at possible changes in MM Funds redemption. Click here.
  • Difference between MF Global and PFGBest. Click here.

groovygirl’s big question right now is: who is manipulating LIBOR now? And who will be manipulating it in the next credit freeze? Which most everyone seems to think will be in the next 6 months via Europe. Has government taken over this role? It is not like the reason for the manipulation in the first place has vanished.

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