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July 23, 2012

Big Pharma

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groovygirl likes to post links that you might not see other places. Here is one. It seems the rule of law is absence in every industry today, not just financial.

groovygirl meets a lot of elderly people in her travels. She always asks the very healthy ones why they have lived so long and are in such good health. The top answer is always the same: “I have never taken take a lot of prescriptions”.

Capital controls

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Click here. New proposal will allow banks to halt withdrawals. They know what is coming. This is just one of many rules to control capital moving abroad and moving out of the banking system.

Looks like Spain is under pressure…..again

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Click here.

Seems those bailouts last about 10-15 days now. They band short selling in Italy and Spain, thus Spanish stock market is down 12%. Remember when you ban short selling, the only option for investors is to sell. Spanish bonds are at 7.5% and US bonds are at an all time record low across the yield curve. Euro is down.

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