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July 26, 2012

What will replace LIBOR?

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groovygirl has asked  a few times in past posts about the recent LIBOR scandal: what are they going to do in the future? The really near future. This rate must remain low or the entire financial system blows up, period. Investors can not be allowed to determine the value of capital, they understand how rare it is.

Here are some possibilities and their consequences. Important information. Video at the end, check it out.

Jim Sinclair’s Warning

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Click here for a very clear and important warning from Jim Sinclair to the investment community.

How anyone can put any money in a securities/commodities clearinghouse is beyond me. You risk your financial life to win trading then end up with practically nothing whatsoever.

The system is totally broken. Governments are busted. The securities insurance programs are wildly over extended by the fact that their capitalization cannot guarantee what they are supposed to be guaranteeing.

The system is broken.

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