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July 24, 2012


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My thought about new technology is that of  the mortgage business back in 2004. There are only so many people in the US that can get a mortgage. Then, they lent money to dead people. But I still said, there are only so many people (dead or alive) in the US. They all can’t have 5 houses. There is an end to this, it can not go on forever. And it ended.

It is the same with Apple, or Microsoft, or any other techie item. There are only so many people that can afford them, want them, and willing to upgrade every time there is a new series. And at 22% real employment rate (higher for the under 30 crowd), that pool of people keeps getting smaller, not larger.

Click here.

There is also the problem of infrastructure: bandwidth and its increasing costs. There is a limit there, too.

Until one or all of those limits change, Apple has to stall in its financials. That doesn’t mean it is not a good long-term play.

Side musing: Groovygirl is very interested in Goggle’s super-high speed fiber test cities. If gg were in charge of one of these techie companies, like Google, she would be spending every penny on building infrastructure  (and lobbying gov for assistance/loans) and become the AT&T of national bandwidth. Put in the infrastructure, charge the cheapest price, put all other cable and fiber companies out of business, and get income from that infrastructure for the next 50 years.

Bold the headline, bury the revision on page 12

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This is an old newspaper trick for promoting “information”. The government uses this trick liberally with the official stats. That’s why gg never uses official stats for anything besides causal conversation. If you or your broker are making investment decisions based on official stats, you will get it wrong.

gg uses John Williams real stats at, it is a paid subscription.

Click here.

We were never in a recovery.

July 23, 2012

Big Pharma

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groovygirl likes to post links that you might not see other places. Here is one. It seems the rule of law is absence in every industry today, not just financial.

groovygirl meets a lot of elderly people in her travels. She always asks the very healthy ones why they have lived so long and are in such good health. The top answer is always the same: “I have never taken take a lot of prescriptions”.

Capital controls

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Click here. New proposal will allow banks to halt withdrawals. They know what is coming. This is just one of many rules to control capital moving abroad and moving out of the banking system.

Looks like Spain is under pressure…..again

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Click here.

Seems those bailouts last about 10-15 days now. They band short selling in Italy and Spain, thus Spanish stock market is down 12%. Remember when you ban short selling, the only option for investors is to sell. Spanish bonds are at 7.5% and US bonds are at an all time record low across the yield curve. Euro is down.

July 22, 2012

All About Eve

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Celeste Holm died this week. Groovygirl loves this movie. A time when women wore fur coats, long skirts to parties, and drank lots of martinis while lunching at 21.

And this scene is great. It features all the main characters of the movie, except Max.

Celeste is wonderful in this movie. But because it is such a popular movie, youtube blocks practically every clip. This was the only one I could find with Celeste even speaking. She is the blonde drinking the martini at the beginning. Sorry for the “advertisement”. And it is kind of fuzzy, too.

July 21, 2012

Misc. News links

groovygirl found these misc. links interesting. For your review this weekend.

  • Allocated bullion storage. Click here.
  • Simple graphics about the Fed. This is a good link to forward to friends/relatives about what the Fed is all about. Click here.
  • Taibbi on Democracy Now TV show talking about LIBOR. Click here.
  • Jon Stewart sums up the Banks and LIBOR. Click here and then here. Very funny! gg was crying at Hoare….
  • Ann Barnhardt has a few interesting posts this week. Scroll down to view everything. Click here.
  • Looking at possible changes in MM Funds redemption. Click here.
  • Difference between MF Global and PFGBest. Click here.

groovygirl’s big question right now is: who is manipulating LIBOR now? And who will be manipulating it in the next credit freeze? Which most everyone seems to think will be in the next 6 months via Europe. Has government taken over this role? It is not like the reason for the manipulation in the first place has vanished.

July 20, 2012

Doyle speaks the truth

Mr. Doyle who worked at the IMF for 20 years explains how the IMF is broken. Very telling letter! Groovygirl commends him for telling the truth, if not a bit late.

Click here.

Bold is groovygirl’s:

After twenty years of service, I am ashamed to have had any association with the Fund at all.” Pretty much says it all. This is a scandal in the making, and one which may shake to the core the credibility of the IMF in the context of international organization.

This is not solely because of the incompetence that was partly chronicled by the OIA report into the global crisis and the TSR report on surveillance ahead of the Euro Area crisis. Moreso, it is because the substantive difficulties in these crises, as with others, were identified well in advance but were suppressed here. Given long gestation periods and protracted international decision-making processes to head off both these global challenges, timely sustained warnings were of the essence. So the failure of the Fund to issue them is a failing of the first order, even if such warnings may not have been heeded. The consequences include suffering (and risk of worse to come) for many including Greece, that the second global reserve currency is on the brink, and that the Fund for the past two years has been playing catch-up and reactive roles in the last-ditch efforts to save it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the exact same thing happens at the Fed and ECB……we are doomed.

Jim Rickards

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If you haven’t seen it, this interview on Max Keiser’s show with Jim Rickards is very good. Click here.

July 19, 2012

The Middle East

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groovygirl thought this was a good short summary of the current Middle Eastern Situation. Click here. Something you will not see on MSM.

And this.

Groovygirl was wondering why the drug-terrorist laundering money crime is just now being addressed. Anyone who is on the internet and researched global banking and tax havens knows that HSBC is the laundering bank for global criminals for the past 10-15 years. It is commonly talked about on forums.

So, why now? It certainly isn’t a sudden reclaiming of the rule of law. Distraction from LIBOR? Or maybe, put pressure on Saudis because of the tensions mentioned above? US certainly can’t threaten to kick the Saudis out of SWIFT.

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