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August 4, 2012

Do you trust who is standing between you and your money?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have had several very clear warnings about the fragility of the investment markets from the freezing of money market fund withdrawals in 2008-2009 to MF Global, PFG, Penson and now, Knight Capital. I don’t know how it can be any clearer.

Your investments are at risk if they are not in your hand.

Here is Jim Sinclair’s thoughts on how to get your investments out of 3rd party hands. Groovygirl understands your conflict. You must invest/trade to make income. But there is a new risk here that you will lose everything and then never have an opportunity for any more income. Capital that is lost, missing, or tied up in courts for years can not make you any income. So, if you will not modify 100% of your investments out of 3rd party hands, then do 10%….do 30%. Do something.

Until the next breakdown, then you can do another 30% 🙂

This is what gg has been talking about for the last 4 years. It is not a downturn, it is collapse of the WHOLE SYSTEM. It is a paradigm shift on EVERY LEVEL.

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