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August 18, 2012

Joel Salatin

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This is a 45-min video with one of groovygirl’s favorite sustainable farmers, Joel Salatin. Click here. Joel has tons of ideas. One of them will work for your area and your family. This is part of the solutions discussion. These are things you can do right now at any level of the system that you find yourself in right now.

Very soon, the difference between a poor person and wealthy person will be the difference between a processed diet and an organic diet. Fortunately, if you are poor, but have access to any size of land or a patio, you can grow some of your own fresh food. But the deciding factor will be education and knowledge.

This is part of the breakdown of current systems and the paradigm shift gg is always talking about.

Joel’s books are great!!! He is such a wealth of information. If you want to plant a garden, raise a chicken, or farm professionally, Joel will inspire you. Joel says it is OK to fail at farming, it’s part of the learning process. Action is the first step.

Side musing: being able to raise your own food is very freeing and an excellent skill for hard economic times.

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