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August 31, 2012

IMPORTANT: Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated August 29, 2012

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled Will We Collapse By August 2013? dated August 29, 2012.

Very important update from Martin. He is warning that the timing of the economic confidence model signalling a collapse/major crisis may be accelerating. He is also suggesting that a “two-part” crash could occur such as the one in the US in 1987 followed by Japan in 1989.

groovygirl is very concerned with this development. This is the first time that Martin has mentioned the August 2013 turning point as anything but a further progression toward the 2015 collapse.

Remember the Economic Confidence Model is a confidence model, not necessarily a specific market model.

From Martin’s blog post:

Former Clients familiar with the Economic Confidence Model have asked is this a rapidly advancing cycle as was the cast in 1989? The Answer to that question appears to be YES! There, we had the 1987 Crash on the half cycle followed by the collapse of Japan in 1989, and then the rise and fall of South East Asia as the US S&P 5oo bottomed precisely with the low of that wave in 1994. The accuracy was astonishing from the 1987 Crash right to the day, the peak in Japan 1989.95, and then the precise day of the low in 1994. This wave appears to be working in a very similar manner. This means August 7th, 2013 we must be very careful about next year. We will be looking at the global markets at the upcoming conferences(San Diego-Bangkok-Berlin) around the world. So yes! This is a very serious development. We may not last until 2015.75 and that could be the complete economic meltdown.

Martin also released a blog post on ObamaCare. Click here.


  1. So what will a “complete economic meltdown” look like? Any guesses?

    Here is what I THINK it might mean … I pray it doesn’t come out this way.

    1) Stock Market crash (down to 700-1200?)
    2) Bank Holiday (which means 30-50% reduction in the value of the dollar)
    3) The bankruptcy of multiple banks (including some/all of the TBTF banks)
    4) Many businesses going out of business because they can not get loans to cover salaries/expand their business
    5) People stop spending on “extras” for fear that they won’t have enough money for the future.
    6) Prices for staples begin skyrocketing as people start hoarding food and other items.
    7) Unemployment goes crazy
    8) Riots begin (looting, race riots, etc.)
    9) Government/military intervention in major cities across America to try to keep the peace
    10) Martial Law instituted across the land

    Did I miss anything?!

    Comment by MikePHila — August 31, 2012 @ 7:28 pm

  2. hmmm yes I think I would like to quote Hugh Hendry ” Electra fund ”
    — You can all panic now —

    Comment by madmax — September 1, 2012 @ 12:13 pm

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