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September 12, 2012

Quick News Comment

The news out of Libya today confirms what everyone knows, but main stream media is not telling you: the Arab Spring will not bring Democracy or peace (and it is making Israel really nervous). This news is why gg thinks oil (Brent crude, the only oil price you should look at) shot up a couple of bucks this morning.

Update (later in the day): groovygirl’s opinion: The timing of the news of these attacks was bothering gg. Couldn’t find a record of msm reporting on them on Tuesday 9-11 (which is when they actually happened). So, I did a little research. It looks like msm held up these stories until the last possible moment. Breaking the Cairo story late Tuesday and the more damaging Libya story with real names, early on Wednesday morning. They also broke the story with the rumor that the attacks were a religious-motivated retaliation to a you-tube video. Clearly they were coordinated attacks on the anniversary of 9-11, whether under the guise of an angry mob or not. In addition, photos are all over the internet of the Ambassador’s dead body being dragged through the streets. Obama and Hilary claim these are people taking the Ambassador to the hospital. Right…

This is a little taste of things to come. Instability of the Arab Spring takes power from the US and gives it to Conservative Muslims. MSM is spinning these incidents: much lower-key than the outrage of the trigger for the Libyan invasion. And those photos and video are on the internet only. Clearly, the White House doesn’t want to deal with this right now. That is not a political comment. It is an acknowledgement that you must understand who controls the media and why they would spin a story one way or another at a particular moment. This will help you recognize the true story in all the jumble.

In other news, dollar is down below .80 and euro is rising.

Although the German Supreme Court is not standing in the way of the German bailout, they, in reality, put future bailouts back on the German Parliament’s shoulders. That makes future German elections extremely important, as the German people are not too keen on bailing out Europe. (Especially since they just finished paying retributions from WWII.)

2014 is a big German election year. It is gg’s thought that German’s political climate will change dramatically then and lessen Germany’s involvement in bailing anyone out. Europe better come up with another way to control the debt situation before then.


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  1. Wonder if they gave the ambassador a burial at sea. Har de har. (No disrespect to the ambassador and his family is intended; quite the opposite. It’s remarkable that we haven’t seen more such casualties since inception of PNAC. The death toll has been incredible, but also remarkably one-sided. More decent people are about to find themselves in a rotten situation not of their making.)

    Dollar collapse will be the signal for the psychopaths to pull one more grand regional putsch.

    Comment by Lore — September 13, 2012 @ 6:58 pm

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