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October 31, 2012


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Groovygirl thought this post from Jim Sinclair on the rumors of gold confiscation was very good. If the government wants to take your money, as we have seen, they can devalue the fiat dollar.

They can also replace investments with mandatory “triple A” investments of US treasuries or bonds. These games will buy them more time and confidence than gold confiscation.

Click here.

But, gg will say that they can discourage physical gold and silver investments by taxing them more. But gg bought early and held. When she sells, it doesn’t matter the tax. She still makes more profit and will keep capital than any other investment class. A change in tax may only influence a little when she starts to sell, but it will influence nothing else about her precious metals investment plan.

October 30, 2012

Standing Guard

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Really liked this picture that was on Jesse’s site….

October 29, 2012

Is it just me, or….

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is the desperation to keep the status quo getting much worse?

Click here for Sell Stupid.

October 28, 2012

Dodge This

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October 27, 2012

Soul-less people

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Cute post on corporations as soulless people. Click here.

October 26, 2012

Another Israeli incident

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groovygirl missed this bit of news…click here.

October 25, 2012

It’s all about Net Energy

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Click here for Chris Martenson’s latest blog post Eye Wide Shut: We Are In A Bad Spot. Another excellent post regarding the real long-term issue. Which is NOT debt, but diminishing net energy return.

Net energy is how much energy does it take to get new energy out (mined, pumped, fracked, etc.) and useable and what is the net of those costs.

Imploding debt is a 5-10 year problem. Diminishing net energy is a 50-100 year problem.

Rising debt costs add to those costs, yes. But we must look at it from an energy to energy standpoint. Cheap and expanding debt hides the real picture.

And here is a discussion of some solutions to that long-term net energy problem. Local economies and guilds!

October 24, 2012

Latest Release from Martin Armstrong Dated October 24, 2012

Click here for the Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Can The Stock Market Really Drop 90%? dated October 24, 2012 (10 pages). DOW conclusions on page 8.

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated October 22, 2012

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled Has Greece Bottomed? dated October 22, 2012.

October 23, 2012

Germany’s calling, they want their gold back!

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This should be interesting. Click here.

There was some talk about this before the Euro Crisis became front and center and now they are talking about it again. One of two things will happen: Germany will demand their gold, not get it, and the world will know the real gold story. Or this will be quietly swept under the rug and Germany will get even more unlimited money from the NYFed/Fed for their bailout of Europe.

But gg thought gold was not money?

Regardless of the outcome, this is a test of confidence in trust in the NYFed’s vault, US as a financial leader, and the US Dollar. It is one thing for Venezuela to ask for their gold, it is another for the only legit creditor in Europe to ask for theirs back.

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