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October 3, 2012

How to vote

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Groovygirl heard this on this morning’s show. It’s about how Dems and Reps get together to control the debates. Kind of interesting.

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In case you didn’t know, there are other people running for president besides Obama and Romney.

groovygirl is not pushing any candidate or party or agenda, this is just the objective and systemic process she goes through every time there is an election.

How to Vote:

  • Make sure you are registered. Depending on your location, you may need to make sure to have a photo ID.
  • Go to your county website or voter registration website to see who is on the ballot. Some of the information may be on your voter registration card. Print out the ballot or list of names for each office: national, state, county, and city. You might want to check back periodically in case names are added. (If anyone has other websites for this info, please comment.)
  • Pick your top three issues. (gg uses just 3. If you are looking for a perfect candidate that has all your values, you will not find them, become frustrated, and you won’t vote.)
  • Google (or any other search engine verb) every candidate and find out their position on those issues. If they are an incumbent, you can google their voting record to make sure they actually vote their position. There are also lots of websites out there that track voting records, financial contributions, financial records, affiliations, previous vocations, previous government positions, etc. of each candidate. Lack of information can no longer be an excuse. Depending on your list of candidates and number of offices up for election, this process should take you a total of 3-7 hours. (Remember you are not writing a book on the candidate, just researching your top three issues.) If you are pressed for time, research an hour each day for a week.
  • Decide who to vote for based on their similar stance with your top three issues. If no candidate fits one of your three top issues, don’t vote for that office.
  • Vote on election day.
  • Go about your life regardless of who wins what office.

This is just what groovygirl does.


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If something is being censored, groovygirl’s antennae goes up. It makes her think that the censored item is truthful and very important to someone in power to want gone…

Here is a little story on Japan’s plan to restart their nuclear program and the article (that has since disappeared) that implicates the White House in helping Japan’s government “change its mind”.

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GG also found it interesting that the reason that the White House wants Japan to continue with its nuclear power program is because it puts a damper on the alternative energy program for a more environmentally friendly global/US policy. The entire Pacific Ocean is radioactive and the White House is worried about being environmentally friendly? What? Huh?

groovygirl still finds it soooo ironic that Japan should choose have any nuclear facilities for any purpose on their island after the US dropped H-bombs on them. If anyone should understand the damage that nuclear power can do….And now, they are restarting their nuclear program because the White House told them to? Isn’t this the country that had kamikazes that threatened a defeat of the entire US Pacific front?

There is no rule of law

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Or I should say, there is no rule of law for criminals, but honest people have a very harsh rule of law.

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You just can’t make this stuff up….brilliant, the government is simply brilliant. Down the rabbit hole: you are wholly responsible for your own due diligence.

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