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October 7, 2012

There are 207…104…275…57. Yes, the final number is 57!

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And the word of the day is Heinz 57.

This movie isn’t about the enemy creating a Manchurian candidate by brainwashing, it is about people in power taking more power while deceiving the people they have power over.

This movie illustrates the concept that is used in every aspect of society, culture, and politics today, in lieu of actual truth. Call your enemy a communist, even as you push a communist agenda. Invade a country to spread democracy, even as you set up a dictatorship…or break down a dictatorship for a military rule. Praise diversity while condemning those that have a differing opinion as closed-minded and bigoted. Create laws to protect freedom and democracy that restrict free speech and freedom of assembly. It is a power grab wrapped in fake humility and nobility.


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