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October 9, 2012

A few comments…

groovygirl has been feeling a little under the weather, sorry for the lack of posts ­čÖé

As a result, she has been watching a lot of TV. Not normal at all for totallygroovygirlfriday. So here are a few of her comments on the news, media, and search for truth….

Ok, first of all, the financial TV talking heads need to shut up about the “manipulated” job numbers. No one, and I mean, no one, has addressed the facts. The formula was changed TWICE in the last 20 years. Once under a republican president and once under a democrat president. Those changes help the numbers look good in a bad economy. This is a really bad economy, so the numbers are looking really skewed. The formula changes were designed that way. The real unemployment number calculated before the two modification changes is almost 23%. The formula for the CPI has “changed” the same way over the years.

Greece and Spain have  two different economic problems. Greece needs money to pay the huge interest bills on past debt. With GS help, they hid their real ability to pay the interest.  Spain had (and is havinga housing crash, causing a mortgage debt implosion and banking crisis similar to the US in 2007-2008. The financial TV talking heads and, apparently, the ECB believe they are the same problem and are using the same solutions to solve both. Spain is a much bigger problem for the European Union.

She questions the drone in Israel situation. Not sure what is going on there.

Syria and Turkey is a much bigger issue than the US media is portraying.

Gold and silver are being hit hard. Pay no attention, the new support is 1740-1750. As Jim says we are on our way to $3000. The rest is just daily noise.

Whomever is elected president, the major issues will still not be addressed and the economic depression (deflation in debt), possibly hyperinflation (deflation in debt, excessive inflation in prices), will continue. We are well past the point of no return. You must protect your own financial assets and savings.

No one is talking about the US debt issue. It is a shame.

Good post by Golem XIV.

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