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November 21, 2012

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated November 20, 2012

Click here for the latest blog post from Martin Armstrong entitled Liquidity dated November 20, 2012.

All of this is shrinking the global economy ensuring that a crisis will take place. The more governments follow every cent, the less money moves and the lower the economy spirals down. You need rising liquidity and freedom of movement of capital to create more jobs for the youth. Unemployment in Spain among the youth is over 50%. They are migrating to Brazil for there is no future in Europe.

It is the Sovereign Debt Crisis that is destroying everything. With almost 70% of national debts amounting to accumulative interest, the socialists who hate the rich cannot see what their policies have done. They blame the rich for having anything so they can grab it and do what? Pay the bond holders to keep the debt going? This is the greatest transfer of wealth that would even make Marx vomit.


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