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November 30, 2012

Forward Thinking

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Groovygirl has often talked about the paradigm shift happening right now in every aspect of global structure. From debt collapse to banking to food to government. This paradigm shift is driven by three main issues: debt, increase population and shift in demographics, and peak energy.

Since the beginning of the industrial age, these main systems have worked well. Or they have been modified to continue to work adequately to move forward, not back. However, the production model which is the basis for everything in first world countries from food production to derivatives to education to military doesn’t work anymore.

We have clearly moved into the information age, but the main systems of society are still in the industrial age. Charles Hugh Smith makes a comparison to the last time we had a major shift: from agriculture to industrial. The final push of all society into industry/production systems was the Dust Bowl, even though the Industrial Age started 50 years earlier.

Click here. Good post.

The systems and solutions of the past will not work. It is a waste of energy to focus on those things. Much better to discuss completely other ways of doing things. Having said that, the possibility that people in power will give up their power in a known system for no power in a new systems is highly unlikely. So, we will have to wait for the collapse of these systems. In the meantime, be thinking and experimenting in your own limited environment to find out what might work or not work.

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