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January 3, 2013

Unemployment and Employment stats

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Apparently ADP is “adjusting” their publicly payroll numbers. Click here. We will never know the true employment numbers. I was listening to a media commenter this morning says that the new normal is 6% unemployment.

Change the definition of normal to make everyone feel good about their mistakes, failures, losses, and lack of progression. I think that is what we did in the education system? That worked out well. This is called justifying failure.

If you do not have true data, you will never be able to get from where you are to where you want to go: whether you are an individual, family, business, city, nation, or culture. Never! It is impossible.

Alf Field on gold in 2013

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Click here for Alf Field’s thoughts on gold via Jim Sinclair’s website. We are still in the long term 3rd wave to $3500, but Alf looks at some minor waves in the link.

Update 1-4-13: Alf suggested in the above link that a dip below 1636 would render the analysis void. We dipped below 1630 prior to open this morning (1-4-13). Let’s not discount Alf’s conclusions yet. The shorts read Alf too. Let’s see if those lows are sustained for more than a few hours prior to a NY open.

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