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January 4, 2013

50,000 oz of Gold

Filed under: Gold and Silver Investing, Precious metals — totallygroovygirlfriday @ 2:25 pm

Click here. US mint is having a run on gold coins….someone notify the shorts. Oops, they probably already know and have killed killed the market gold price this week.

As we have seen for a while now, there are two gold markets: paper gold and physical gold. Fortunately, for the long-term gold holders, the paper market (official numbers) is causing a massive sale in physical gold.



  1. Hi GG,

    Martin Armstrong says gold will shoot up only if the government collapses and says gold has no correlation to inflation. He doesn’t say sell gold but all his posts imply it indirectly. Any one reading his blog will just stay on the sidelines doing nothing.

    I feel when SHTF there would be a sudden upward price swing and it might get very difficult to accumulate physical gold.

    I am in the mode of accumulating on dips rather than waiting for the collapse.

    I would like to get your opinion if I’m doing the right thing.

    What is your take on Fed slowing down money printing?


    Comment by RM — January 8, 2013 @ 7:49 pm

  2. RM,

    groovygirl is doing the same thing. She has been slowly accumulating physical gold and silver since 2005. Each year gg budgets a portion of savings to this purpose. Up until 2010, gg was using a portion of the physical to trade the market. She doesn’t do that anymore, strictly adding to long-term holdings now.

    The Fed will never stop printing money or buying bonds as long as it is needed. And judging from the political environment in the US and other countries with high debt, like Europe, Japan, and Britain, it will always be needed. The unanswered question is can they (Fed, US and other central banks) control the collapse (slow burn) or not (panicked collapse). Physical gold and silver will hold its value in a slow burn or a panic. As debt collapses, there is a limited number of global investments that are not attached or dependent on governments or their bond-issuing ability. Corporate bonds, stocks, income-producing real estate (depending on location), and tangible assets are some of those investments. The goal moving forward is to keep your capital, the days of high profits are gone.

    GG doesn’t know when gold and silver will hit a high or equalize with the value of the underlying currency (as it should in the current long term gold cycle). So, if you need access to full capital in the next 2-5 years, don’t put all your savings in gold/silver. If you don’t, put in a little more. GG suggests that everyone has at least 10-20% of the gross wealth (not net wealth) in physical gold and silver. Your age and financial situation will determine if you have more or less than that.

    This is what gg is doing, you are responsible for your investment decisions.


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — January 9, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

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