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January 9, 2013

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated Janurary 9, 2013

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled The Real Threat of War-2014 dated January 9, 2013.

Latest Letter from Martin Armstrong dated January 8, 2013

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest letter entitled Cycle of War and Political Economy dated January 8, 2013.

Consequently, we are looking at 2014 for the beginning of a rise in separatism and civil unrest around the west. Then we see 2016 and the start of a nasty economic decline. We could see things get real bad during the 2016-2020 phase. That may actually be the bottom in the European economic meltdown. Here is a chart of the array for the German 10 year bond interest rates. It is lining up with the 23-26 year recession cycle from the start of the Euro. It does not matter. The politicians will not do what is best for the people. This is still about trying to retain power as is. Like Putin who cannot let go of Empire Building, Western Politicians cannot let go of Marxism. They do not understand how to run without saying “vote for me and I will give you this even if we do not have the money!”

MF Global customers are NOT creditors

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Click here for an interesting development in the MF Global crime scene. The interesting thing is not that customers’ coalition can not question Corzine and others, but the reason the bankruptcy judge gave. They are not considered creditors in the coalition form.

groovygirl mentioned when the MF Global collapse happened, over a year ago last fall, and clients’ money was legally STOLEN to watch this case closely. It is precedence for every similar crime in the future. Your funds are not safe unless they are in your name only or in your possession.

Some may argue that what is the difference if customers get all their money back eventually? Money you do not have access to for days, months or years or you have to sue someone to get is not your money.

This is a very important situation. You are responsible for protecting your own assets. There is no rule of law.


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Here is an article about Cycles and Relative Prices from the Mises Institute (Austrian Economic view).

GG thought the exchange was interesting. Regarding the “bet” in the first paragraph, if they go by John William’s real stats, inflation has already hit 10%.

Interview with Martin Armstrong dated Dec 27, 2012

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gg has been a little busy lately. I am catching up on posting some items. May be things you have already seen from other sources:

Click here for interview with Martin Armstrong with Financial Survival Network entitled 2013 Crazy Things Happening Around The Globe on Dec 27, 2012. Good interview….

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