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January 12, 2013

Insights into The Shift

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groovygirl thought this piece by Doug Casey via zerohedge had some very interesting points. Click here.

There has been some blog discussion about how an underground economy would work. Craig’s list is a local underground economy structure. The Silk Road, although focused on illegal items, has the potential to become an underground economy in illegal, but not necessarily immoral, items at some future point in time. Perhaps just to avoid high taxes. But on a global scale. And how easy is it to shut down one site and pop up another one somewhere else. Very easy.

Side musing: keep in mind that an under ground economy whether born of criminal intent or necessity, will have both criminal and honest elements. Just like the regular economy……and just like any new transformation, 3D printing, like the internet itself, will be used by the moral and immoral alike.

He also mentions the advances of 3D printers…huge transformation coming in the area of manufacturing. Do you think China stock piling raw materials and buying Africa has no real fore-thought except for their own people? 3D printing needs raw materials only. China knows their hold on manufacturing though low labor costs is fading. 3D printing can eliminate labor needs and design/copy needs even more. But it will always require the raw materials. Control that market and you control even the private manufacturing in homes globally.

GG also thought this was a good insight:

It may be presumptive, but in my view, people who rush out to purchase firearms in anticipation of gun-control measures are not part of the “gun culture.” The “gun culture” already has its arsenal stocked up. The “last-minute shoppers” are people who believe that one day they may need a gun and may not be able to buy one. These are the same people who clean out the grocery store before the first big winter storm hits.

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