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January 15, 2013

Martin Armstrong comments on the Real Estate Cycle

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Click here for Martin’s blog post dated January 15, 2013.

And this one about an old “tax” tactic from the 1970’s and 1990’s. Government never thinks up anything new, they are very predictable in their reactions to each crisis.

Germany wants its gold back

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The story is not going away. Seems to be really happening. As the commentary suggests, there is a big difference between Germany wanting their gold back and Chavez asking…..

It is a commentary on the state of trust and confidence.

Click here.

Catherine Austin Fitts

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Catherine is interviewed by usawatchdog. Click here. Interesting interview on the big gun debate.

Side musing: Groovygirl is not really commenting on the gun debate because it seems to be extremely emotion and a lot of rumors are flying around.¬† Besides, as with anything else, history teaches us that if you ban something, it just goes underground. It doesn’t get controlled or go away: guns, drugs, books, prohibition, cash, gold, etc. In gg’s mind the first thing that happens if the US Government bans guns: all the guns that were smuggled into Mexico come right back over the border.¬† It would be the biggest boom to the Mexican and South American criminal organizations in years….So, in that light, gg, at this point, views a gun ban as a distraction.

Also, as always, interesting take on digital currency.

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