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January 17, 2013

John Williams with

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His summary is free:

– Official Quarterly Production Growth Rates for Second-Half 2012 Were Weakest Since Recession Trough in 2009
– Corrected for Understated Inflation, Real Retail Sales and Production Show
Post-2009 Stagnation Turned into Contraction in Second- or Third-Quarter 2012
– December Year-to-Year Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.7% (CPI-W), 9.4% (ShadowStats)
– December Housing Starts Gain Still Not Statistically Significant
Despite Some Boost from Hurricane Damage

Real year over year inflation is 9.4% vs. the official 1.7%.


LEAP 2020 now availble

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Click here for new LEAP 2020 commentary summary GEAB N71. Keep in mind this is put out from a European point of view. but doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Update: groovygirl thought the S&P chart on the link above was very good. It clearly shows the diminishing impact of the Fed’s intervention.

It’s for this reason also that our team anticipates that 2013, the first year of the World-Afterwards, will see a setting up of this “purifying” of US and world accounts. All the players are tending towards this step whose consequences are very difficult to predict but which is also an unavoidable solution to the crisis taking into account the United States structural incapacity to set up genuine debt-reduction strategies.

But in order to take the measure of the causes and consequences of this last impact phase, let’s reconsider the reasons for which the system lasted for so long. Our team will then analyze the reasons for which the shock will take place in 2013 afterwards.

Free Gold Thesis

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Click here for Jim Sinclair’s reaction to Germany’s request for their gold.

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