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January 17, 2013

Free Gold Thesis

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Click here for Jim Sinclair’s reaction to Germany’s request for their gold.



  1. GG for more on freegold thesis: please read the blog site from blogger fofoa:
    The things CIGA Patrick is discussing with Mr sinclair are very well discussed about on the blogsite!

    I have mentioned him before but dont know if you already had the time to look.
    He has written some incredible articles like:

    and lots and lots of more …

    please check it out so you dont sell your preccious physical gold at the worst possible time!!

    here’s an excerpt from another good post:

    “Fair warning to all gold bugs who don’t understand Freegold

    I’ll make a prediction right now. As we approach and surpass $2,333, other high price predictions notwithstanding, you’ll read articles from all of your favorite gold bug writers making the comparison with the 1980 peak. And if the ascent is anywhere as vertical as it was back in July and August, that comparison won’t be lost on a single gold bug. No one wants to miss the top like so many did back then.

    So when it starts to fall after a vertical rise, and it will fall, no one will be thinking about those other high price predictions. Instead, they’ll be thinking “get out now, just in case. I can buy back in later and make a profit.” This group will include all paper gold traders as well as a good portion of the “physical” gold bug community. And because of the “specialness” of that number, $2,333, there won’t be any paper gold buyers trying to catch the knife, so it will fall hard. Possibly too hard. No one wants to be that guy who bought on the way down in 1980.

    This could potentially be the final shakeout of weak physical hands, because there will be plenty of strong hands catching that physical even though physical buying won’t stop the price from falling. Unfortunately for a few long-time gold bugs, the lack of a fundamental and foundational understanding of a much higher value could see them liquidating at the worst possible time in all of history. And that would truly be a shame. At least I have given fair warning. I’m not predicting that this is the way it will play out. Only that it could. And being aware of this possibility has value if it gives you strong hands at a key point in time.”

    offcourse you don’t have to take the number $2333 as a sure thing but as an example of what will happen at some paper price!



    Comment by stefan naudts — January 17, 2013 @ 5:54 am

  2. Thanks, I will check it out.


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — January 17, 2013 @ 12:51 pm

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