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February 20, 2013

recovery is just around the corner

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Click here for a Washington Post article where they examine what the financial talking head forecasters said 4 years ago, what really happened, and what they are saying now.

Amazingly, this exact same reaction happened in the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Forecasters would claim back then that “prosperity was just around the corner”. That’s where the phase originated.

The nation would turn the corner next spring, in the fall, etc. Same things we have heard since 2009…..

Great joke in the opening scene of the 1936 film My Man Godfrey, view entire movie here:

After Mike, a “forgotten man” (homeless and unemployed guy), has described how a policeman was interfering with Mike’s latest business venture and how the government should get out-of-the-way of honest men making a living instead of requiring all the government “relief” (welfare).

Godfrey: Mike, I wouldn’t worry about it, prosperity is just around the corner.

Mike: Been there a long time, which I knew which corner.

Any of this sound familiar? The slang has changed, but not the system and not the outcome.

We are in a Depression and we are not coming out anytime soon. Not until the debt system load crashes to a sustainable level based on the value of the underlying assets. And all the talking heads are not going to change that truth. They can only distract the sheeple from the truth and keep them unprepared and vulnerable.

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